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Nakalele Blowhole Maui heart shaped rock

Just 50 ft from the Nakalele blowhole!

What! We didn’t even know this was there last time we went. Just found out about this little gem during our daily Pinterest research (ie. how is it already lunch time? Where did the time go?).

On Day 2 of our Maui itinerary, we have you venturing to the most northern tip of the island for a little secluded snorkelling at Honolua Bay en route to the famous Nakalele Blowhole.

The blowhole itself is very impressive (and somewhat dangerous if you get too close, so please be sensible) but about about 50 feet over to the right of the Blowhole as you are looking towards the sea, you’ll find this fancy heart shaped cut out in the rock.

If you go, please send us your pics or tag us where you post them @roseandgully. Would love to see them.


Nakalele Blowhole Maui

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