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Seriously, we’ll never forgive you if you go all the way to Maui and don’t knock at least a couple things off your “I better learn how to do this someday” bucket list. Here’s just a taste of the worldly knowledge you’ll acquire alongside a fantastic beach vacation before you board the flight home.

Learn to Speak Sea Turtle

It’s not hard. The green sea turtles that call Maui home seem to understand all of your child-like, snorkel-mouthed ecstatic squeals of “whoa whoa whoa, this is SO COOL! Is anyone else seeing this? I can’t believe I’m swimming with a turtle!”. These fellas are used to it.  Bonus points if you learn to snorkel beneath the surface or free dive. There are many spots along the west coast where you would be hard pressed to avoid these majestic creatures. Check out Honokeana Bay for easy access from land or a day trip to Molokini (Days 4 and 7 in the Rose + Gully Maui Itinerary)

Maui Snorkeling with Turtles
Photo: Dave Cox Pictures

Become Proficient at Cutting a Pineapple

Go ahead and eat at least one Maui Gold pineapple a day while you’re there to ensure you get enough practice. Better yet, shop for the freshest pineapples money can buy on your way to Nakalele Blowhole (See Day 2 in the Maui itinerary). Just don’t completely gorge yourself or you won’t have room for sushi at Sansei later that night! Oh, and don’t worry, there are instructions right on the tags that come on the fruit.

Maui gold pineapples
Photo: Gary Knight

Learn to Surf

You’ll be amazed by how easy it actually is.  Our favorite instructor, Ina, at Maui Wave Riders had students of every age and ability up on a board their first two hour lesson. We loved renting our own boards the next day and riding along with the lessons to hone our very amateur skills.

Surf lessons maui
Photo: No Ka Oi Photo Surf Photography

Learn to Walk Above the Clouds

Schedule your sunrise adventure to the Haleakala Crater early on in your trip to the time change doesn’t wreak as much havoc on your sleep schedule as it might later in the trip. You are already waking up stupid early anyway. This is not to be missed. Alternatively check it out at sunset – equally stunning.

Haleakkala Crater Maui

See How Coffee Grows

Get up close and personal with coffee plants and many other fruits and vegetables at the O’o Farm in upcountry. P.S. when they allow you to sample the coffee after lunch, just take it straight. Cream and sugar are basically a personal attack on the growers… well not quite, but I can tell you from experience that ridicule will ensue.

O'o Farm organic farm maui upcountry

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